Amplify Your Customers’ Voice With User-Generated Content

Many eCommerce store owners are finding new ways and constantly experimenting to create a perfect recipe by combining spices of content and commerce together. We’ve seen marketers using various forms of content for storytelling like — videos, editorial content, web content, and social media content, and no doubt these all have worked very well in the past as well as the present.

But what about the future?

The future is all about content generated by your users, commonly known as the user-generated content. As per, Timer Tagrin, Co-Founder and CEO of Yotpo:

“The future of marketing is about learning to use the content that your consumers are generating — on social media and in dedicated campaigns — in your own marketing.”

What is User-Generated Content?

A very basic example of UGC is customer reviews. Customer reviews are an important asset for any brand as it is these that tell the business owners their experiences of a product or service.

But reviews are only one sort of user-generated content, apart from customer feedback you can find UGCs over social media, forum discussions, comment section, and everywhere else.

Let us take a look at some common form of user-generated content in detail:

Types Of User-Generated Content

Review And Rating

Blog Posts


Forum Discussions



Even business owners share videos of their happy customers through various video sharing platforms, like YouTube.

Here is an example of a customer sharing his experience after using BotMyWork’s chatbot builder:

Live Streaming

Social Media

One of the best examples that I can serve you is the “Do us a flavor” campaign by Lay’s.

Just by offering consumers a chance to create their own flavors and getting rich, Lay’s wisely used UGC to boost their customer engagement.

So these were some basic forms of user-generated content found online and boost customer engagement in one or more ways. Marketing experts like Tomer Tagrin boasts that user-generated content is a game-changer. The Yotpo CEO says:

“In an A/B test for one eCommerce store, we found that adding customer photos to product pages increased checkout by 24%, which added up to an additional $8,900 in sales for the $100 product over a 10-day period.”

And if this is true (which actually is), it is necessary that we start planning out strategies that amplify our customers’ voice for sustainable growth.

5 Ways To Imply Use-Generated Content For Your E-commerce Business

Thus, here are 6 ways by which you can take full advantage of user-generated content:

1. Resharing Social Media Posts

You can personalize the posts as per your desire, add a caption that greets the author of the post. If you’re using social media platforms like Twitter you can strike a conversation within the post itself.

You can also visual content that can well resonate with your brand. There are plenty of free and premium photo editing applications available online that can separate your content from the ordinary.

2. Shoppable Gallery

Here’s an example from Underarmour of an in-site shoppable gallery using UGC:


Underarmour utilizes the Instagram posts of its buyers on its homepage to showcase their own products. From active women to professional golf players Underarmour celebrates its each and every customer.

Also, you can directly buy the style worn in the picture without the need to browse through the shop.

A shoppable gallery is an attractive collection of UGC that is linked to your products. Also, it acts as an inspiration for the other customers who are looking for the best combination of products from your store.

The in-site shoppable gallery is a perfect way of portraying your customers’ journey with your brand and lends the visual charm of curated content for increasing sales.

3. UGC Based Social Ads

This shows how persuasive user-generated content is that it can work wonders for your ad campaigns.

You’ll agree with me if I say, ads have only a couple of seconds for compelling the users to click and make a purchase. But including user-generated content in your social ads is really helpful. The consumers make eye contact directly with people who are portraying products that were beneficial to them.

It raises viewers’ interest and accelerates your chances of the buying decision.

4. Blog Posts

For blending UGC into your blogs, just weave the words around a theme. In this way, you can discuss and curate UGC around a topic on your official blogs very easily. The content ideas can range from anywhere from case studies to an event announcement.

Here is an example case study from one of MakeWebBetter’s clients:

This is a success story of a client who opted for our services for solving their business problems. We’ve used her feedback and weaved blog posts around it in order to show our prospects how the product added value to her and how it can add value to your own businesses.

5. Create A Social Media Wall

Creating a social media wall out of these snaps can help display a conversation within the feeds of your company's social pages.

How to detect UGC?

But what is social listening?

Social listening is the monitoring of the social media channels that your brand is currently active on. It requires fetching content that discusses your brand or shares something but that is posted about or for your business. It can be a customer’s feedback or a discussion or even a direct mention.

You have to detect such content and bring it to implication on your company’s platform. Thus, there are two ways to do so:

1. Manually

2. Automated

By keywords I mean to say anything from slogans, branded captions, product name to branded hashtags.

Some of the best social listening tools are:

The Future Of Ecommerce Marketing

With the help of user-generated content, you can amplify your customers’ voices and grow as a collective powerful community.

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