Email Marketing Vs Chatbot Marketing Which Is More Superior For Business Success?

Email Marketing VS Chatbot Marketing

From decades marketers have been leveraging email tactics. And they’re also earning well from it. In fact, email users are expected to grow by 2.9 billion at the end of 2019. The numbers are in favor of email marketing.

But still, the trending heading of today’s newspaper contradicts with email statistics. That is “Chatbot Is The Need Of The Hour?”

It’s predicted that 80% of organizations will embrace bot marketing by 2020. Chatbot marketing is new but it is gaining greater emphasis than emails.

The reason for this drastic change depends only on customers. From the past few years, the engagement level of users in social networking sites has grown rapidly.

People are becoming more socially active and want responses within seconds. And chatbot is the solution they’re looking for! Bot not only works with social networking platforms like Facebook but they also promote conversational marketing.

If stats are in favor of email marketing than the future is also surrounded by bots. That’s why the question arises which marketing is best for businesses? And which marketing is more advanced for a business to strengthen up.

Let’s have a look at the points that can help in determining the best among the two tactics.

1. Conversion Rate

Company’s next move and course of action are entirely dependable on how much conversions a new strategy can bring. Whether it’ll be adopted or neglected it depends only on the conversion rate. So, how much emails contribute to overall conversions of businesses?

On average the open rate of promotional emails is 29% and 41% click-through rate. Sounds good.

Excited by hearing the open rate and click-through rate of emails than its time to grab your attention towards the spam rate.

In the first quarter of 2019, the spam rate of emails has recorded as 56.33%. In short, few people open emails, even less click and null perform any action.

55% of customers engage with businesses that use Messenger chatbots. Businesses that are integrating live chat widget on the website and bot on Messenger are gaining a good amount of revenue.

Bots provide accurate solutions within seconds. Customers don’t have to wait for hours or days to get their queries resolved. People want things to get automated and fast. And that’s why people demand interaction with businesses that hold live chat or bot flexibility.

2. Response Time & Cost

If you’re searching for something and the page is taking too long to load then what would you do?

Keep on waiting. But for how long?

Can you wait for one hour? You would say, “I am not insane!”. We’re living in a digital landscape. We want solutions within seconds or minutes from a website. No one wants to invest hours on waiting.

Same goes with emails. If customers have any query regarding the product they’re planning to purchase or already purchased. They’ve to prepare an email content and send it at support address.

With emails, you don’t know when you’ll get a reply from the support agent. It can take hours or even days to get the answer.

Live chat & bots here surpasses emails. Users don’t have to stand in the queue waiting for hours for their answer. Bots solve queries within seconds without the involvement of a human agent. Making it more flexible and users first choice.

As I said, you don’t require a human agent to solve your queries. Meaning you don’t have to spend money on the customer support team.

Yeah, it’s also true it is a software. So, it might be possible that it stops working at certain points and you want a support member to resolve your customer queries. But still, it can reduce a great amount of money you would spend on customer support. Which isn’t possible with emails.

With emails, you want to support members who can make calls and prepare email content. Here you’ve to pay the support members and the call bills. That won’t be pocket-friendly.

Although, you won’t be able to provide 24/7 support. But with bots, you would be in a position to reduce response time and staffing cost by offering 24/7 support service.

3. Customers Acquisition

How many leads you’re generating? How many are converting into customers?

For a business, existing customers and new leads are equally important. No one is superior to the other.

Bots can create natural conversation environment and acquire lead information during the live chat. Information like location, language, email address, phone number, and much more can be obtained without wasting hours on call.

All the essential information about the qualified lead can then be integrated with CRM for further nurturing. When it’s about lead nurturing businesses can send non-promotional and promotional content on recurrent bases. This will maintain the engagement level with leads.

As you’re using bots you can form an interaction with the leads at the moment you receive a message in your inbox. You’re strengthening your bond with your leads as the queries raised by them get resolved within seconds.

Whereas with emails the chance that you’ll get spammed is higher. Businesses send more feature-based and offer-based content at a great frequency. Although, you can’t reply to your leads quicker. That is breaking your bond with your leads and stopping them to convert into a customer.

Email Marketing Vs Chatbot Marketing!

Every business is unique and posses its own goals. If a marketing strategy is working for one business its good. But it would be wrong to expect the same marketing result for the other business too.

Email marketing has its own pros and cons. It’s one of the oldest marketing strategies that still holds its roots in the market. On the other table, businesses are planning to invest in bot marketing not because it’s new and trending. But because chatbot holds uncountable benefits both for sellers and buyers.

Online shoppers want smooth interaction and quick responses. Chatbots just works on the same philosophy. And that’s why people prefer to form communication with businesses that provides live chat or Messenger bot facility.

If you’re using email marketing that’s good. As it is still in use and can bring normal revenue. But, using chatbot marketing along with email marketing can be great!

It’s time to automate tasks and promote conversational marketing with bots! But I would like to hear your words about bots and emails. Do share your thoughts by commenting.

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