Facebook Community Action Feature Is LIVE!

From thefacebook to Facebook it’s been a very long time. In fact, it’s been 10+ years Facebook is putting efforts for entertaining, educating and connecting its audience.

Mark Zuckerberg is trying to increase the average time users spend on Facebook. For this, they are continuously introducing new updates and features.

You know…

From the past few years, Facebook directors are trying to reduce user engagement with the government parties? For this, they had already introduced features like Town Hall to interact with local government officials and Candidate Info where politicians can interact with their audience to explain their policies, priorities, and main objectives.

Keeping the main agenda of these features in mind, Facebook has crafted its new ‘petition’ feature. This feature is designed to improve the condition of society and that’s why they call this Petition feature “Community Action”.

After constant hard work, efforts, and initial tests, theFacebook ‘community action’ feature has started rolling out in the US market.

By the introduction of this feature, people can directly Support for a social cause from their Facebook news feed. Because of this new feature, people will not have to sign up on other sites only to support the social cause!

Yeah… before this….

People used sites like change.org to advocate for a social cause and share it on social networking sites. We can say the new community action feature can replace change.org. Because now people can directly support the cause through a social media platform such as Facebook!

[Change.org claims that they hold a customer base of over 240 million users since 2012. Ben Rattray developed this site for people who want to support a change in society.]

“The motive of community action is to aware the civil servants and government officials about the problems people are facing and to initiate for the change they want to see in their community.”

Facebook has taken this STEP TO:

  • Reduce user engagement level with government officials
  • Make the city peaceful and gorgeous
  • Make it viral
  • Acquire more advocates for social causes

To create a petition users can add a title, description, and image in their community action. They can even tag the responsible government agency and the official who needs to get notified about the same problem.

But… But… But…

Facebook community action feature also holds some restrictions like users can’t tag President Donald Trump or Vice President Mike Pence. They are only eligible to tag relevant state representatives and the related government officers.

The users who find the information relevant and authentic can show their support by hitting the “SUPPORT” button.

Users will be able to see the number of supporters on their campaign but… wait a second… they wouldn’t be able to view the names of those who they are friends with or public figures.

Community Action has its own discussion feed where people can provide their comments, create fundraisers, and organize events or call their Rep campaign. People who want to start a discussion, or like and support the campaign can easily perform all these actions.

If users find the information misleading and wrong they can voice their opinion by down-voting the like button.

Some government officials will hold “constituent badges” to make people know the comments are authentic and are coming from a respective government officer.

This is the example Facebook has taken to show how Facebook community action feature works. Indeed, this new Facebook feature can help in making a healthy and beautiful city.

But in the past, there have been many things that show and prove how users intentionally misuse Facebook even after knowing what can be its output.

You know whenever Facebook tries to do something good for its users it turns a bit pessimistic. The amount of appreciation Facebook gets is always less than the amount of controversies it acquires from media as well as the government of the US.

In an interview with Techcrunch Facebook says they are using a combination of user flagging, proactive algorithmic detection, and human enforcers for managing the feature. But we all know how Facebook snoops on its user accounts!

Over to you!

To improve its image Facebook is constantly taking major steps. All these new updates are part of this. But we can’t neglect the history of Facebook! From years people are using it to spread fake news and trending topics.

It will be interesting to see how people will use this new Facebook feature.

Two things can happen! Either people will use or misuse it…. So, let’s see what will happen in the future when the feature will also start rolling in other countries.

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