Habits That Can Increase Your Content’s Visibility Among Millions Of Content Creators

“If Content is King, Marketing is Queen,

And Content Marketing is the Kingdom!”

I know! I know!

The lines above are much cheesy to start with, but you never know what magic these lines can have on your readers!

Being a content writer/content developer/content creator (whatever you may call) is definitely not an easy task. People often believe that writers are the freest birds around the town. Though such thinkers are away from the reality of what writers do.

A person who’s into the domain of content, in any way, is the most critical artist who digs into the fields of thoughts and oceans of knowledge to present the best colors of information to his/her readers.

Writing a simple sentence of words tossed with sugar or casting the pale truth of facts, Content Creators have different & unique ways to move through this process.

Ever thought what makes their content different from a text drafted by any random individual?


How they re-craft the printed text into something more interesting to read?

No much thoughts or extra qualifications are needed. What is mostly required are habits!

Oh yeah! Content developers or creators have their own set of habits that makes their work unique among the crowd. This may also be called as their ‘Out-of-the-Box’ creation.

The 7 most preferable habits that can increase your content’s visibility are-

Industries are advancing at a phenomenal speed and to create new content constantly, you need to keep your pace along with the advancing trends. Regular updates on trending technologies and strategies of your industry will help you in never falling short of circumstances, ideas and topics to create your content on.

Also, publishing content on recent trends and technologies that people are seeking to learn or are not aware of their existence, will fetch you a good crowd of interested individuals and an upper hand in contrast to your fellow content creators.

Writing isn’t always industry specific. Often while having some discussion or just simply sitting idle sipping coffee, our brain works on several thoughts. You should make a habit of jotting down all these thoughts into words.

Doing so will keep you involved in writing something or the other. Regular reading & writing practices will groom your writing skills toward perfection.

Buyer’s Persona — Do you refer to that while writing industry-specific content? If not, then you should. Audience or buyers today are way smarter and learn, unlike those from earlier days for whom anything that a marketer said was found to be convincing.

Today’s audience listens to the marketer but trusts only when they are sure about the product. In such a scenario, if you offer any information to the masses that they’re least interested in, they’ll simply ignore it.

Definitely, to outgrow your reach and conversion rates, you must consider the section of the audience you’re targeting and create your content revolving around their interest. Once the trust is built, pitch your product, service or idea and see the difference in the reaction of your readers in either case when you know them and when you don’t.

Talking of the industry sector in the present era, creating a presence in the market is completely a different task.

Being a content developer, you must be aware that you are not the only one in your industry who is responsible for content. There are ample of writers and you are just one of them until you create your unique identity.

You can create your presence among your audience by establishing a mode of interaction with them or promoting your content over social media. Also, you can initiate a discussion with your audience and ask them to share their opinions on your views. This will develop a personal connection between you and your audience.

Is your Content PLAGIARISED?

This question is the most saddening for any content developer. But, in other phases the hard truth of the industry too. Some people in the name of working as a content writer often copy their entire content from the sites that are already ranking, to avoid the extra efforts that they might have to put in to make their content work.

But, this is certainly a very wrong approach. Taking inspiration or an excerpt from a ranking or popular content is fine while mentioning the source and/or reference only. In simple words, if you don’t have unique content, there are no chances to gain following as a content writer.

Being a member of the industry, the stronger connections you have, the better your chance is to grow. Corporates work on references and networking rather than solely depending on an individual’s talent.

Also, to outreach your Content’s visibility, you require to share your content among your audience’s base. The stronger the network you can build with the top-level connections in your industry, the more refined the authority your content will possess.

Do you feel annoyed with people asking questions about every little thing?

If your answer is Yes, then you shouldn’t.

In order to learn the deeper details about anything, questioning is the best way out. If you’re not in the habit of asking too many questions, this might be the most difficult task for you then. But, you should never let go of the chance to try something that benefits your skills and work efficiency.

In the End…

Different writers have different habits. The habits listed above are some of the most prominent habits that have been observed and taken up by myself!

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