How to uplift your business growth with messenger marketing?

Marketing has been evolved drastically these days. We’ve various marketing techniques these days in which messenger marketing is stealing the show now.

It’s a tactic of marketing your brand with messaging apps in which, using Facebook messenger can have the biggest impact on your marketing because of its huge user base.

You don’t have to be the kingpin of business to use messenger marketing. Even if you own a small business, you can use this tactic to uplift your business growth in such ways:

1) Deliver content

Delivering content through messenger marketing is one of the smartest ways to distribute relevant content to your audience.

If you publish blogs on your website, you can provide regular or occasional blog updates to your facebook subscribers on messenger.

Brands like Wall Street Journal, HubSpot, TechCrunch use Facebook Messenger chatbots to do this.

But the best part is, your subscribers can search for the content they want. If they do so, they’ll only get what they wanna see, instead of what you wanna show them.

Delivering content through Facebook Messenger is much more effective than emails. It has a 242% higher open rate and a 619% higher click rate when compared to emails.

Thus, you don’t have to think about relevancy since the browsers will search only what they wanna read.

2) Engage subscribers

Engaging subscribers by using a chatbot on Facebook messenger is way simpler than other mediums.

A chatbot has all the tools needed to engage a human. It can talk, answer questions, crack jokes and most importantly, resolve customers issues.

A conversation always engages us. Once a subscriber finds that your bot can solve their concern without taking time, they’ll stick to the chat.

An engaged subscriber is a low-hanging fruit. Don’t miss the opportunity to grab it.

3) Generate High-Quality Leads

This is the purpose for which most of the big marketers use messenger marketing. High-quality leads are your eventual customers which will pay you.

If there’s a chatbot in your messenger, lead generation can easily be automated. The chatbot can converse with every subscriber and collect information.

It can also identify the interests and choices of a customer to provide them the best solution.

It can conduct surveys and ask questions to the patrons and filter the content based on their choice. This automates the lead generation process and helps you recognize the customer’s stage.

4) Retarget customers

It’s nearly impossible to re-engage consumers once they lose interest in your brand. You can retarget those unwilling consumers with a strong chance of getting them back with messenger marketing.

With Facebook Messenger, you can send messages directly to the customer’s mobile. Messages from Facebook messenger has 3.5x more chances of opening compared to email.

This means you have the power to retarget and re-engage the customer if you deliver the right message to them.

5) Provide Instant support

This is what makes chatbot different from a Live Chat option. It provides instant support.

A chatbot never sleeps, never rests, never stops. Integrating it in your messenger marketing will provide customer support every second without keeping them wait.

Customers don’t like to wait to get their queries solved. Despite knowing that your company’s dealing with thousands of customers, they think you’re working only for them. You should also make them feel that.

You can do it in few steps with messenger chatbot.

Make your facebook chatbot in few minutes and integrate it with your Facebook messenger. Once you set it, leave the replying worries on it.

6) Target audience Individually

Every customer has its own issues and questions. Targeting them and dealing with their problems at an individual level is messenger marketing’s best advantage.

Your chatbot can talk to your customers one-to-one on facebook messenger. It can provide suggestions, take feedback or give a demo of service on messenger. When you reach your audience personally, it makes them feel you care about them.

It can also help you identify the most common issues related to your product or service.

Bottom Line

Following the trends keeps you updated and messenger marketing is the trend in today’s marketing world.

Using chatbots can automate your business. You can pare your team’s burden by building a simple and logical chatbot in few minutes.

Leveraging it in your strategy will propitiate your customers who’ll do the same to you.

By automating all these jobs, you can generate high revenue and make your brand more popular in the market.

Get started with your chatbot today.

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